I work intuitively with my feelings, with my unconscious, without necessarily knowing what my work is "about". Sometimes there are symbols that find expression in my work for long periods, revealing themselves through time, but like all symbols they cannot ultimately be explained. What I am essentially interested in is mystery and discovery.



LUCE presents a distinctive layering approach to printmaking, exploring topics that relate to the unconscious, mystery and discovery. The multiple layers serve to both reveal and conceal, giving the sense that although one is venturing toward discovery, a large amount of significant information will continue to remain hidden. Mystery is reinvented as perception alters and as knowledge increases. One becomes aware of the humanness of mystery; of the fact that it is generated through an inability of one's mind to comprehend, not actually from the notion that information is hidden. It is from here that one understands the elegant futility of the constant search that is apparent in LUCE's prints.

Anna Hales

Writer detail : Anna Hales is a writer based in London. MA Aesthetics and Art Theory.